As I See Her (Part II)

I do not look at you with no reason.
Every day I see you,
In the front lobby.
You stay behind the desk,
as I enter and leave,
my condominium.
I always admire your beauty.
Our eyes always meet.
Yours are green and,
mine are brown.
Your long brown hair is beautiful.
I do not know
if you know that I notice,
but every time I pass you,
I see you unbutton,
one the buttons on your white blouse.
You expose the top,
of your beautiful breasts.
Some days when,
you are not wearing your jacket,
I can see your nipples,
showing through your blouse.
Do you not wear bras to work or,
do you take it off,
around the time we usually see each other?
I can tell some days,
that you are messaging between your legs,
while staying behind the desk,
by the way you bite your lips,
and move your arms.
Finally, I decide,
to talk to you.
As we stare in each others eyes,
there is no talk of sex.
I ask her out,
and she says yes.
Finally, no more glancing at each other
No more sneaking looks at each others body
No more fantasizing,
or pleasuring ourselves.
That was months ago.
Now we are married.
I knew what it meant to have sex,
but now I know,
what it means to be intimate.

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