Acceptance in a birds eye view

Notice of absence from AllTheRandomThings



Fire Circulated with the phrase "Best Wingman Ever!" 


How cleaver is the guy that tapes a hot sauce packet on his computer.


The statement to me says "Hey.. I'm an average guy, with a sense of humor"


I pondered across the cubical trenches of the call centers daily war zone as a sharpshooter.


Intrigued by the audacity of one woman lusting her attention to the attractive co-worker...


Yet gets offended when a reserved Individual, is caught gazing at her intensifying  beauty...typical.


I often find myself watching over the universes children, analyzing their motives, are they just like mine?


I know the feeling of insecurities as they captivate your eyes and orchestrate your spine. 


The feeling of rejection, lusts the sweetness of attention, not knowing you were accepted the entire time. 


Blind is the person that sees their reflection and doesn't accept themselves close to divine.


Perfectly imperfect your verdict was comparison for I was just like you once, asleep in a stasis.


Do you hear the rhythmic metamorphosis calling you home? Love your entire being and awaken.


For you were always welcome, don't let anyone label you, destroy your confidence to make you vacant.


  • tepo

    I swear I was there
    Saw the flirty and disapproving woman
    The guy she caught looking
    And you
    Sniping over the screens
    Then you took me somewhere else
    I got lost in this brilliant piece of writing

    • AllTheRandomThings

      Thank.You!! I love that you could visualize what I saw and venture with me as I got lost in my own thoughts and poetry, much love Tepo!

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