My Words

My words can be a blessing or a curse

They can be manipulated by wounds that I coddle and nurse

Or they could be inspired by the living fire inside

sparked up by the little bit of faith and the pride I choose to set aside


My words are not all open for any to decipher

Sometimes they linger in the back of my mind

Some seem so angry and some sound Devine


I hear my flesh screaming at my spirit internally 

commanding it to fold

But my spirit is soft, courageous, and bold 

and it sits back and listens to all the outrageous claims

Allowing my heart to excercize in setting down blame

Not carrying the burdens of lies that were spoken 

Softening with love to the constant provoking


Quiet and still on the surface I sit

Awaiting the moment for my words to get settled

Because without being careful they may feel like a hit


I have learned in the past what they say is so true

Once your words escape your lips they won’t come back to you

Unless they are haunting you

Following you around 

Beating your character down 


So I wait cautious and ready 

What can I say Lord? 

In this moment so heavy 

With hate in the air

These words are just raging 

In my thinking and the feelings 

Should I just say them?

Do I even dare?


Help me be steady Lord 

What were those words

The ones in the Psalms

Chapter 141

in the 3rd and 4th verse


Ah yes, I remember and now I’m encouraged

I will wait and be patient 

and will not surrender to anger

I’ll work on watching my mouth 

And speak what you speak 

If you will just continue to help me!


To those of you who choose to see or hear my words

Forgive me in advance Because I’m still in the works!

I love you and I thank you 

And I pray that you are blessed

As for my words Jesus will give me rest!



  • sharda92

    Yes! I love it!

    • blessednloved

      Thank you sharda92! Your comments always make me smile and encourage me! Have a blessed day today!!!

      • sharda92

        I’m so happy I can make you smile!! That mean a lot to me.😊

      • Shallsea

        Your inspiration n light warms my heart! I love your work, the vulnerability n willingness to inspire others is just beautiful! Keep it up! Your light is needed!!

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