Our Boy - LittleGift & Max Collaboration ❤️

Maxine Smith

Would you please mind not looking at my son

He will come to you when he is ready 

His fear to be focal, to be undone 

A closed book, open when he is ready 


Please don’t push my son out the way

He doesn’t mean to stand and stare

Letters and numbers catch his eye

And he forgets others are there  


Won’t step foot inside a new place

It’s not a familiar space 

People and noise, invades his brain

Often he’s gone, alone to play 


My boy will find his own quite place 

When the world becomes to much

He cannot bare multiple sounds 

Or even the lightest touch


Heaven forbid I should ever change plans 

His reaction intense, he can’t grasp the meaning 

I have to calm his storm, hold tight his hands

‘Babe focus on me’, there’s no reasoning 


My boy needs his rituals

Repetition is the key

Visual aids to understand a change 

Be less verbal and more visual 

or he’ll build anxiety 

Then you’ll be moaning at how he behaves


‘What would you like me to cook for your son??’

‘Actually can I? You don’t know him’

Pasta, only red, hardly any source 

Nothing touch, not too much, I just know him 


Textures are a constant fear

My son can hardly eat 

Dry beige food seems best for him 

Please stop trying to force down a treat

It upsets him to touch it, 

Stop trying to make him clutch it

He can’t tell you.

Because he can’t speak 


Anxiety is his challenge 

It builds when he’s not in control 

When he’s lost it, he causes damage 

‘I HATE YOU’ a knife to the soul 


Don’t shake your head as you walk by

Watch him kick me and watch me cry

You have know clue what he’s been through 

I know him, I know he loves me too


Please be aware, try not to stare. 

If needs be just let the parent know you care. 

Unpredictability can feel a nightmare. 

The society we live in brings them despair. 

Please be considerate 

Be fair  

  • Author: Miss M S Smith (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 19th, 2018 01:18
  • Comment from author about the poem: A poem written about two very special boys, LittleGift and my boy. A write that means so much, written with emotion and love. People often judge and stare, interfere or think they know better. There is not a person (other than a dad) that knows a child better than their Mother, OR A person who is with them day in and day out. That person who understands all of their needs, their quirks, there fears and their comforts. We know what we are doing, even if it doesn’t look like it all the time. This is already one of my favourites. A strong piece, written with heart. Thank you LittleGift, we literally had the same minds with this, it worked so well, it has become better than I could have dreamed. When someone has the same vision and realises it with you, just a blessing.
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  • Sam Cork

    Oh Max this one has brought a tear . He is the most beautiful and loving child 99% of the time. The way you cope on the 1% of times he is not himself is admirable. No-one not even his dad knows him the way you do. Brilliant colab ladies well done x

    • Maxine Smith

      Thank you so much, a little tear when reciting it too.

      • Maxine Smith

        Amen 🙏❤️

      • orchidee

        A fine write.

        • Maxine Smith

          Thank you Orchidee.

          • orchidee

            Thanks M. I thought - people are not really watching us in every life, not 'normally'. But if there is something or someone 'different' some may look, or stare. In your case some may not understand, and may think you have a 'naughty child'.

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          • Goldfinch60

            Very good collaboration and meaningful write. Only parents know their children so well and can deal with their ways in a caring loving manner.

            • Maxine Smith

              Exactly. Thank you so much for your kind words Gold.

            • Michael Edwards

              There is and cannot ever be a replacement for parents - this is so well expressed and you both deserve a heart filled accolade for this fine write.

              • Maxine Smith

                Thanks so much Michael. This piece really does mean so much to us both.
                Showing the world the other side, what it’s really like. To always be kind when you see and to not strike premature judgment.
                Even though it can be tough, would NEVER change them for the world as they ARE our World ❤️

                • Michael Edwards

                  Beautifully said Maxine.

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                • Fay Slimm.

                  So clear this appeal for more understanding of those given to behaviour disorders which on,ly a caring mother knows how to allay - - I can relate to every line in this admirable duo on special children who are often misjudged. A compelling and heart-touching read.

                • stevievize

                  Beautiful write max and little gift this is truely touching and you know your boys so well. Fantastic write

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  CHILDREN ~ they are all different
                  We need to understand their own
                  INDIVIDUALITY and give them lots
                  of SPACE & TLC ~ AMEN

                  Thanks for sharing and caring MAX & Little Gift ! The above is what we were taught in Teacher Training ! I teach 17+ but the principles are the same !
                  Your COLLABORATION with Little Gift is a master piece in 11 very moving verses ~ we were both crying at the end. Each verse touches on a single characteristic and your BOYS reactions to People and the Environment ! Vocal ~ Obsession ~ Privacy ~ Touch ~ Assurance ~ Ritual ~ Food ~ Texture ~ Anxiety ~ Control ~ Unpredictability ! It reads like a manual for teaching PRIMARIES / JUNIORS well done. I have plenty of UNDER 11's in my extended family and every verse rings true ~ A really wonderful POEM ~ well done ~ PRIZE for POEM of the WEEK ! Your best Friend as always BRIAN ! A Boys best Friend is always HIS MUM and i still have mine and to her I'm still 5 not 35 !

                  • Maxine Smith

                    Wow Brian, a touching review that means so much. Our boys are a constant learning process and everyday we learn a little more ourselves while trying to educate others.
                    Overtime though we have adapted together and we know how to overcome many of his quirks shall we say. We can now often share such a fun delightful life.
                    Having two was a struggle, where I would prefer to stay quiet places to keen him
                    Calm. Then my daughter would miss out.
                    So I would have to go to the park around 7am with breakfast in tow, just so we had it to ourselves. She didn’t miss out. He wasn’t overwhelmed.
                    NOW, I have worked, over time, with much preparation, to go to a park WITH other children in it (it still can’t be too busy) BUT he has come on so much BECAUSE Why should OUR sons be socially excluded.
                    There are ways, WE just have to keep finding them.
                    And we ARE!
                    Your doing amazing LittleGift and your son is just adorable.

                  • E-Poems

                    This is so beautiful and raw. Brilliant write maxine!


                    • Maxine Smith

                      Thank you so much Hun, feedback always greatly appreciated.

                    • Laura🌻

                      LittleGift and Maxine,
                      Your collaborative writing is extraordinary! Two amazing mothers...two amazing boys! I love the pics!

                      If this planet could be filled with human beings like the two of you, what a wonderful world this would be! I so admire and appreciate the two of you! I could write much more on the subject, but I’ll spare you! You’re doing an amazing job raising your children! Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

                      Actually, one thing I would like to suggest for the two of you to do is to collaborate on writing a book and/ or a pamphlet telling of all you’ve experienced and are experiencing raising your children! That would be so helpful for all who do not know much about the needs and the wants of special needs children and how the family deals with it!

                      Hugs 🤗🤗


                      • Maxine Smith

                        Wow thank you so much for such a complimentary response.
                        It really does mean the world.
                        Aw feel free to go on as much as you want, I could do the same.
                        It was actually hard to refine the poem as there was so much to say. I read LittleGift’s verses and instantly vibed off her wanting to write even more.
                        So pleased with your response Hun, it’s a subject very close to our hearts.

                      • Angel Of Incidence

                        A vision of true caring, sharing and true love! Pulling at my heart your words ALL true and knowing. A very special read! TY

                        • Maxine Smith

                          Your kind words are humbling. Thank you so much ☺️

                        • Christina8

                          This is a wonderful collaboration and brought back memories of my own boy when he was young. So well done and reminds us that parents know best. Excellent!

                          • Maxine Smith

                            Thank you so much Christina. Lovely words, too kind.

                          • Nicholas Browning

                            Children scare me in a weird way. Being a parent doesn't come with a manual. You could raise your kid perfectly in your own view, but possibility would see them turn into something they never though they would be. Children are to be treasured, and I would risk my life to save one if needed. I'm just not ready to take on the role as a parent, so I can't begin to understand the profound love for a child that you both share. The poetry though, perfectly describes what I've seen of children thus far. A lovely tribute to the boys.

                            • Maxine Smith

                              Thank you so much Nicholas and apologies for the delayed appreciation.

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