Maxine Smith

Everything Happens For A Reason


I lost you both before you existed 

Your life’s gone before had a chance to live

How am I to grieve what I couldn’t keep?

Life’s snatched from me, but in my dreams I see

Awful things happen for greater reasons 

Maybe you both where too sick for this world 

You where both taken to save from life’s pain 

Perhaps it’s your way to say ‘not today’

As your fate holds a little girl Izzy 

Who you will love unconditionally 

So don’t cry for us now, you have Charlie 

A special boy who needs you to be strong

For your path was made, only for them two

So we keep you safe, watching over you

  • Author: Miss M S Smith (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 20th, 2018 12:51
  • Comment from author about the poem: Unfortunately after I had my son, I miscarried twins, was not a nice period of my life BUT it says it all in the poem. As hard as it was THEN, I can see that NOW, it was as it should be. I have my beautiful girl, who is just fabulous. I also was able to share more one on one time with my son before she came along. You never see things at the time, you see pain BUT time is a great healer as they say. My reasons for this pain was FOR my two children. My twins knew that, they will always remain in my heart, they are at peace, in no pain, watching from the stars ❤️ Time gives you reasoning ❤️
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    Everything has its own time
    And there is a specific time
    For everything under Heaven !
    A Time to be Born ~ and
    A Time to Die .................... !

    Thanks for sharing a very personal & moving Poem
    So called "Miscarriages" cause much grief
    especially to Mothers and Twins are a
    Double blow. HOWEVER ~ I love your attitude !
    There were reasons and you rejoice that
    they are safe in PARADISE ~ A part of you
    forever safe in HEAVEN ! Also this experience
    makes CHARLIE & IZZY more SPECIAL.
    Real men do CRY and this POEM really made me
    CRY for YOU and your Perfect FAMILY
    Here on Earth & in Heaven ~ AMEN
    Yours as always ~ BRIAN XOX

    • Maxine Smith

      What a wonderful review, thank you so much for your heart warming response. Your words are so very kind.
      I obviously didn’t feel like this at the time.
      BUT now I have so much, nothing is greater in my world than my children.
      My everything.
      A friend once told me that those babies weren’t ready or healthy enough to come into this world, it’s there way of telling you that your boy needs more time with you.
      Those words never left me and they helped me so much. Every time I got sad I looked at my son. My rock. NOW I have two HEALTHY children.
      Nothing I would change.
      I never really classed myself as a believer BUT I do like to believe they are up high, watching us all.
      I now do believe in fate, that this was exactly as it should be. Even when it does hurt, it’s to make room for the happiness and love.

    • AllTheRandomThings

      Wow Maxine! My heart bleeds for you...You're such a strong person to be able to be the pillar in those darling kids lives, to be able to extend your love further more for Charlie and Izzy even though you have experienced lost. You are a true mother and an inspiration to others that have experienced the same. Keep blossoming my dear

      • Maxine Smith

        Aw thank you so much, I am humbled with your response.
        Honestly, I believe it’s my kids that are the strong ones. They can get me through absolutely anything (as well as drive me crazy) I give them life, they give me reason to live ☺️

        • AllTheRandomThings

          Anytime my dear I love that last statement "I give them life, they give me reason to live" , kids are inspiring little angels (or monsters at times ^_^) Give them some love for me!

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        • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

          a well written poem .. sad, but also positive . i am actually a twin , myself, i have a twin sister and i was actually meant to be a triplet, my mum lost one in the very early stages of pregnancy . i guess its best to focus on what we do have , sometimes, not on the things we don't have .. tho sometimes that is hard, but i guess sometimes thats the only thing we can do ..

          • Maxine Smith

            Thank you so much Hun ☺️

          • onepauly

            I am happy for you.

          • Fay Slimm.

            A very moving read Maxine - - you verse so well the pain of losing not one but two little souls before you could get to know them and yes they are still a special part of your life and will be forever - - there are reasons for everything and it is good in such a sad to look for them to help with the healing. Thank you dear friend for sharing your pain and your strength with us.

            • Maxine Smith

              My children are my rock, they helped me survive more than they even understand.
              Thank you so much Fay.

            • sharda92

              I’m sorry you lost your twins. But I love how you can express you pain in such an amazing and beautiful way.

              • Maxine Smith

                Thank you lovely, appreciate you sharing.

              • ron parrish aka wordman

                touching write,we never know the reasoning why,we just accept gods decisions

              • Christina8

                I know this was hard to write, as I have lost twins as well. Nothing takes the pain away. It does get better over time and so does our perspective. I have written about it too and I think that helps. You are so courageous and thanks for sharing with us!!

                • Maxine Smith

                  Thank you so much Christina, I will have a look at your write this weekend if you could let me know it’s title please.

                  • Christina8

                    There is one just titled "Twins" that I wrote a short while ago...don't know about the other.

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Very good emotive write, they will be looking over you and your children with love.

                  • orchidee

                    We should weep, we should grieve, I feel - though not unconsolably. I mean, we laugh at parties, in fun times, etc. It would be madness to laugh in funerals.
                    One said, though this may not be verbatim:' He/she is no fool who gives away that which he/she cannot keep'. You 'give away' your twins in a way.

                  • stevievize

                    This is a strong poem and you have put a positive spin on a tragic event this is why I love you bestie 😘

                    • Maxine Smith

                      My ‘Left Arm’ ALWAYS ❤️

                    • Sam Cork

                      This was a tough read baby girl. I remember the day vividly as our babies left us. Now we have the Iz and she is just the most amazing little human ever. Keep them coming - poems that it lol x

                      • Maxine Smith

                        Haha oh poems most definitely, children absolutely not lol
                        I don’t think the world could handle any more Charlie and Izzy’s ❤️❤️
                        They ALL are my reasons ❤️❤️ Now I am content and complete ❤️❤️

                      • Laura🌻

                        Yes, Maxine, everything does happen for a reason! You’ve embraced your loss and devoted your selfless self to be the greatest mom to Charlie and Izzy! Blessed are they to have you as their mom and blessed are you to have them as your children! Love, courage, and strength are only three among many words to describe your beautiful family... the family named Maxine, Charlie, and Izzy!

                        Hugs 🤗

                        • Maxine Smith

                          These are just the most wonderful words, very kind and I am very humbled. Thank you so much for taking the time to give such an amazing review. I smile as I read your words. ☺️

                          • Laura🌻

                            I’m glad you’re smiling!😉
                            Check out my two acrostics...
                            CHARLIE & IZZY

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