Monster in the Mirror

Cut me up

And count my rings 

I’m sure you’ll find things

Are not what they seem.

This calm collected smile

Is just a mask

What hides underneath the surface?

You don’t dare ask.

Monsters come in many forms

Not all are the same 

I’m the type of monster 

Who hides within a frame. 

In the picture 

there’s a smile on my face

But come a little nearer

And you’ll see it’s a grimace.

You’ve heard of Dorian Gray 

Now prepare for something new

I’m a different kind of monster 

I hide in plain view.

If you look in the mirror 

You’re sure to see my face 

 I hide within 

The flaws

You wish you could erase.

You can’t run from me

I live inside your mind

And the harder you look for me

The less you find.

I can’t be vanquished 

I’m hidden away

I’ve always been here

Since the start of your days. 

And here I’ll remain

Until your existence ends 

Or you decide you can’t

Keep up this pretence. 








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