Feel Alive

Experiences have taught me a few things

There’s more to life than chains n gold rings

While humans make life so complex

The system forces you to chase checks 

Deep down, the feeling of despair

While you do your makeup n fix your hair

For what? The people you try to impress

Leave you in the dust of distress

I feel as if nobody really cares

About deep down, the bonds we all share

Even if your wrists are icy

Even if your bitch is spicy

One thing is the same

Society is to blame

You’re still a kid deep down

In the adult life you drown

You’re alive but are you alive?

We’re all just children tryna survive


  • sharda92

    I loved this!!

    • AlexHoy

      Iā€™m glad to hear that. Much appreciated! šŸŒž

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