Earth Day Dismay

You know it's the makers
Of throw-away containers
And the lazy
Spoiling the world
For every living thing
When there are more
Bottles and bags afloat
Off shore than boats,

And even more plastic
Bits and bobs streaming
Rivers and canals
Than dolphins swimming
In the not so gleaming sea...
Talk about crazy!

Can't those who
See the Otter's tangled distress?
Can't they hear the oceans
Or the screaming gulls
Whose hungry guts
Their broken stuff is poking?

I really wish they knew
How turtles feel
After mistaking terrible waste
For an edible jellyfish meal,
Or could, at least, imagine
The loss of the albatross
As it skims a littered surface
For 'squid' & 'krill'
~ yes, bottle tops can kill!


  • onepauly

    I'm so sorry. it is very very sad. I have one bag that I carry in my pocket all the time. if I could only get the media to do the same. lets keep fighting. forever if necessary.

  • Jhe

    yes it is very sad situation (californian scientists reckon plastic in oceans will weigh more than all dolphins by 2050!), but no need to be sorry...people making millions of non-recyclable tooth-brushes each year need to be sorry.

    Re 'fighting' ~ petition websites (like SumOfUs) are helping to (eg) change way supermarkets wrap food,
    & orgz like Marine Conservation Society (uk) & Ocean Conservancy (international) arrange public clean-ups of beaches and (eg) urban water ways...
    (if you have time and patience +/ sewing machine) turns out that tote bags are quite easy to make ;)

  • Jane Frye

    Thank you for this piece. It seems, one by one, we are waking up to this mess we have created. I think we are still in the groggy stages of trying to do it better. There is so much we can improve on when it comes to being caretakers of the earth and beyond. Until everyone understands that nature should be looked upon with reverence, we will continue to abuse and lose, more and more habitats and species attached to those habitats. I think you poem is powerful and well written.

  • Jhe

    thanks :-)
    for appreciating
    Nature ~ it's alive
    and life sustaining,
    like a womb, it needs
    us to love it and to fight
    for its right to survive by
    politically campaigning...i
    wrote this with that in mind

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