Andrew Guzaldo

            “Just a Memory Away”



“A Gorgeous deity a beautiful being recently,
Asked if I had any siblings and who were they,  
I told her about my sister that passed,
From dreaded cancer she suffered she was my best friend, 

She said it must have ripped a piece of your heart out,
I continued and said it was three pieces ripped out,
My Mother my Sister and my Father,
I replied I still have a quarter of a heart left, 

I use it to help those in need who have broken hearts,
It facilitates the missing parts of my own heart,
I help to give happiness to those in need,
I miss them all very much soon we will not be apart,
For now they are just a MEMORY AWAY!”

     By A. Guzaldo 04/22/2018 (c) 


  • Laura🌻

    Although your poem is a somewhat sad, it is a beautiful piece of writing to read!

    So sorry about your “three pieces” of heart being “ripped out”! I see that the quarter that’s left is pure gold and amazing!


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