King Taurus

"When Im Gone"

When im gone don't come lookin for me. You ain't stop me when i walking out on tha other side of that door.

When im gone don't be hollin you miss and love me. Because that fake love you tried to give me wouldn't shit no way. 

When im gone don't say i ain't fuck witchu because that's some i tried to get you to see.

When im gone don't act like you ain't try to play wit a negga dawg. Because you ain't love smiley.

When im gone don't act like i ain't try to see the best in you. Because when nobody else did i was by yo side like a pilot.

When im gone i don't even won't you to even cry cause of the pain it caused when you lost me. Cry because of tha pain you put me through and now im at peace.

When im gone don't say i wish this that and above. Because i had multiple confabulations on different occasions.

When im gone thank about all i asked for was understanding and compromising.

When im gone don't drop to yo knees screaming WHY. I been gave you tha run down.

When im gone you'll be askin GOD can you have me back for just one more round.

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