brandon k f

No One Deserves Happiness

Life is like a broken road in an old town
There’s one way in, one way out, and shitty the entire ride
But at least the road ends eventually
Sometimes we look back at that road, and shake our heads
How could we have driven on such broken pavement and pot holes
Is the destination worth the trouble if this is the path we must travel on?
Is any destination worth it?
Even if it means leaving the old town?
It’s old, and rundown
The well dried up years ago
The children grew old and died
The old church has crumbled and fallen apart
But the place feels so familiar
There’s comfort in the familiar
More often we trade expirence for familiarity
Happiness for comfort
Are we ever really happy?
Is it ever worth it too look for it?
It’s like looking for God in times of sorrow
We cry and beg for comfort
We fold our hands and beg for Him to listen
Until blood sweats from our pores and tears fall from the corners of our eyes
Yet, sometimes, God doesn’t want to be seen
God doesn’t want to be heard
God does not want to touch us
God doesn’t want us to be happy
God wants us to travel down old, broken roads
God hides His voice from the world
Sometimes, God does not comfort us
We look back on the road we traveled
Thinking there’d be one speck of happiness back where we came from
Because forward is mysterious
Forward ends
We hate ends

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