As I See Her (Part III)

No more condos,
no more lobbies,
no more Lambo's,
and no more Ferraries...
No more working,
from the office,
and no more office parties...
I've given it all up for you,
and not once was I sorry.
After becoming married,
buying a house with an office,
was the best thing to do.
Now I may,
see you everyday,
and know that I am right next to you.
We grow together in the Lord.
We even read morning devotions.
We are always there,
for each other,
when we go through tough emotions.
I am not saying,
our marriage is perfect.
Yes, we sometimes fight.
Still, we stay together,
through the hard times.
Because in the end,
there is always light.
We put our faith in God,
knowing we'll always have each other.
We don't know what,
the next day will bring,
but we that we will always be there,
for one another.
There are times when I may remember,
living a care free life all on my own,
but having a loving wife,
to greet me at home,
is much better than being alone.

Laying in bed with these thoughts running wild in my head. I got to admit that her laying beside me in my bed makes me feel so amazing. I'll give up everything to make her happy. Make sure that she's fulfilled by my presence, build her confidence and buy her presents but not the ones you wrap up. My heart and soul my smile her glow is what makes me know she's mine forever gold!

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