Distance Cures Everything

Notice of absence from AllTheRandomThings


Heals or discontinues,

its the means of forgiveness or misrecollect,

to shape a bond stronger or to forget & neglect.


will you remember me?

Remember the vibrance of utter silence,

As our eyes connected and lips passionately collided,

where butterflies swarmed while our minds were on auto pilot.

Yet these regrets we often just use as life lessons, instead of precious memories

I was still pondering, were we meant to be? Was there something I couldn't see? 

Was love an hyperbole that discombobulated my hearts sense of reality?

A beautiful tragedy, a sunken boat scarified to the dead sea.

You know, I forget why we even ended things..

Funny...Distance really cures everything.


  • onepauly

    even close can be far.

    • AllTheRandomThings

      Absolutely, you can be distant in emotion or connection whether it's physical or mentally. Such a great concept to think about.

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