Jo Middleton


I sleep on five pillows
Have no one to share with
Razor blade under the second
Incase I need to escape this
And somewhere within the quilt
Are two pairs of headphones
One I stole from the box
The other with only one ear piece
You can had find it's missing partner
At the bottom of the mattress
I'm not sure where mine is
And throughout
Scattered like lambs
Are differemt desert rocks
I suck on them when I get scared
To distract me from my demons
By my side is a reading list
Made up of seven heavy novels
Given for bed time reading
I'll get the chance when i stop crying
Three layers of blanket
Won't keep me safe
But for two hours I feel safe
The rest I spend online
Or questioning what life is
Surrounded by a physical
and metaphorical mess
Of broken lip gloss and
Friends I'll never get back
Set my alarm although I'm
Always awake to hear it
Pretend to sleep it off
I'll be ok, I promise


  • orchidee

    I can understand this, but I would never sleep if a razor blade under a pillow - though it's your second pillow.

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