Andrew Guzaldo


"She absorbed everything within my soul,
Like the ocean plummets a sailing vessel,
Ultimate cursed beacon acquisitions a fire,
As the estuary coalesce in the inclement sea'

Cognizance of her always emanates as if surrounded,
I have been forlorn as the tide crashes upon the reef,
Heart mutilated my enervated spirit limp and distraught,
My face cannot hide the perception of loves deceived,

Like frigid perennials fallen upon my dormant heart,
Now seems as expelled from the beaks of songbirds,
And from celestial thoughts to an abyss of detritus,  
Maybe I may never shine again or love again as once,

How terrible and brief was my desire to her!
I have built a bulwark around my sentiments
How difficult and drunken, how tensed and avid.
Although desires and bulwark aligned my being,
It is but a vellum of a falsehood of my,
Existing Desires”

By AG 20/04/2018 ©


By AG 20/04/2018 ©

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