King Taurus

"Tired Part II"

First I want to say this is uncensored and excuse my profanity but when you tired you tired....and im just being real speaking my mind also.

I tried giving a fuck and being considered of others feelings. I tried to control my mouth piece, but i dont care nomo. Im tired of people always playin victim, needing favors because they know you'll say yeah, takin the kindess for weakness. So if you call me mean when i say no FUCK YOU! Im tired of this bullshitin ass world we live in. Im glad i stay secluded. Im glad i dont talk to people much. I know u can socialize a lil better now im through with that shit. Im really tired of folks tryna make they self look good and look down on the next. Wanna call you out on shit but get mad and be in denial when you do it. People dont know how to worry about they got damn self. Then i really get tired of folks gettin attitudes with you and then come back later like everythang cool and want you to do some. DF??? Where tha fuck they do that at? Im tired of pleasing and tryna make folks happy because you weak pussy ass leeching muthafuckas tryna see me down, and you'll will never be satisfied. This goes for you niggas and broads who aint out here doing some useful.You can't help nobody out here nomo because they feel you owe em. You can't help because then that stirrs up begging. You can't help because they just wanna see you dry wit nun. All these folks out here fugazzi as fuck. FUCK Y'ALL IM TIRED AND THROUGH WITH THIS SHIT!!!


  • Lorna

    I love the quote I am strong but I am tired......... you sound angry but you also sound like a good person who gets hurt easily........ you are just fine the way you are..... don't let them take advantage and look for other good people like yourself.....

    • King Taurus

      I appreciate it. Im not very easily at all times and i am a good person. I just get tired treatin people the way i want to and they don't dish it out. When i try to do right i see a lot of disloyal and others bs. Lol i laugh it off most of the time.

    • marlenawood

      Love this and I wish more ppl like you would speak their mind besides holding it in because it's not worth it at all so I really love this piece

      • King Taurus

        I appreciate tha love. I love this one myself. I wrote it all yesterday. It's like in this world you get judged for being mean when you say no, and when you say no all the other stuff you done don't count when you said yes.

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