The Devil Is...

The Devil is…


Not those Demons within

A tragic fragmented mind

That know nothing at all

Of virtue,

Nor sin ~

It is that which sets them free;


The Devil is

Drugs, Distress, Despair…

Or another combination of those three.


Demons are…


The frenzy that escapes

When your ego caves in;

A second is all they need

To navigate

That break ~

They are not malicious spirits.


Demons are

Formless, Feral, Fearful…

If you're lucky they'll retreat quick quick.



  • MLHnow

    Very easy to be self reflective reading your poems. It’s our hopefully excersised demons that power our positive purpose and share in whatever communication style we enploy and enjoy. MlH. First internet post ever on my first iPhone!

    • Jhe

      Sorry i didn't reply sooner ~ took me a while to figure out how to respond. Here i go...

      It’s the above-mentioned release of our demons that frees us to then proceed more effectively with whatever resolutions we might have ~ I don’t think most therapists / psychologists know how to safely release them, hence psychiatry's over-reliance on ‘anti-psychotic’ drugs.
      NB: some of the things which shock our brain into malfunctioning might be called 'insignificant', because neither the shock, nor the release of any related demons, has much of an obvious effect on our behavior. However, some people’s inability to remember details (like names and dates) for example, could be due to trauma-related brain malfunction; this can affect their tolerance levels and, therefore, other people’s perception of them...which is definitely no insignificant thing.

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