A Song About Songs

Infinity at my finger tips,
calluses and imagination
force you to sing
the words I keep
in between the lines.
Let's color the airwaves blue,
let's scare the neighbors
with broken signals and
screams of bloody pleasure.

A pinch and a squeal,
a grip and a chorus,
a bend and emotion,
I'll never know your origins.
Organized sound
taps the foot
without concioussness -
head bobs, closed eyes,
and spasms of God;
this is the one true thing.

Unrestrained catharsis,
a simply profound effect -
speaking to all at once,
speaking to The One in all.
A song about songs,
a universal language
when the floor begins to thump,
take me away from myself
and into the presence
of the cryptic beginning

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