As I See Her (Part IIII)

As I work diligently in my office,
I look forward to eleven-o-clock.
That is when my wife has lunch with me,
and we have a chance to talk.
Still, something is different today,
and I am not talking about the fact,
that I am wearing my silver cufflinks with my gold and red neck tie.
It is actually the fact that my wife,
stopped by at one-o-clock and not eleven.
She walked slowly into my office,
without the lunch she usually makes for us.
It was not that I mind.
It was just different.
It was as if she thought she were bothering me.
Her usual contented smile she had,
was replaced by a fake troubled one.
Without saying her usual, 'hello',
she silently walked in,
and sat in one of the two chairs,
on the other side of my desk.
"Is everything alright", I asked.
She took a deep breath,
as she smiled a real smile.
Still, it was not her usual contented one.
"You know I love you. Don't you", she said.
I leaned back in my chair,
as I loosened my tie, and raised my eyebrows,
all at the same time.
"Yes", I answered,
wondering wear she was going,
with this conversation.
"And I know that you will always love me", she continued.
With my eyes still raised, I asked,
"Is there a point somewhere to these questions".
She stopped as she tryed,
to find the right words to say.
"We married each other.
We bought such a beautiful, big house together.
Your office is at home, and so am I", she said.
It was as if she were listening off,
all of our accomplishments.
Then it came to me.
I knew what she wanted to but, could not say.
So I answered her by standing up,
taking off my cufflinks,
and undoing my tie.
I unbuttoned the top button,
of my white dress shirt,
as I walked slowly around my desk to meet her.
She was still sitting,
as I now stood in front of her.
Overpowering her,
as she looked up,
I let her take my hand.
She gracefully stood up.
I led her to wear,
she was cornered,
against my desk.
I moved in as I began,
to kiss her soft lips.
I grabbed beneath each thy,
and gently lifted her on the desk.
and had keeled down.
I slowly pulled down her jeans,
followed by a thong.
I spread both of her legs,
wide open with my hands.
As I stuck my face between them,
I licked, pulled, and stuck,
my tongue in her vagina.
It was only two minutes later,
that my wife was laying naked,
on my desk.
What was better,
was that I was on top of her.
My body was pressed against hers -
my chest against her soft breasts,
my stomach against her stomach.
My long stick fit firmly inside her,
as I pushed, pushed, and pushed.
We both let out our final words,
as our bodies were covered,
with sweat and cum.
It was one week later,
that my wife came into my office again smiling.
"I'm pregnant", she said.
Even though I did not know what to expect,
I could not have been happier.

WOW ~ FJ6 ~ as you warned us very sexplicit
Not like the normal "SEX AT WORK" POEM !
A Quickie in the STOCK ROOM and high precaution
The last thing SAW Couples want is a BABY
No LOVE ~ NO feelings ~ just opportunistic SEX
Being an ENGLISH GENTLEMAN I've never had SAW !
Your account was so so different from other SAW
Accounts I have come across ~ It was LOVE not LUST
Expectant not Contraceptive ~ and MARITIAL NOT
Extramaritial ~ Beautiful and NOT Sordid !
Thanks for sharing & caring ~ Pleased YOU ~ not
only COHABITED but also COPULATED in the OFFICE !
Yours BRIAN ~ Pleas add to my FUSION

A women in red is fire in bed. A physical need for a man as far as sex goes and a emotional need for a woman. Beauty is skin deep an touching a soul as you feel it within is rare. Europhia is the feeling of something that you don't feel often but when you feel it... you know that you are the first option!!

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