up and atom

up and atom and then some

good now we're getting it

i will surely relax

and build mountain stacks

coming from the good earth

for all i'm worth

putting mine to good use

not loose but tighter

a lot lighter

more for your might without a fight

for you and for yours

from heaven it pours

picturing that hammer of thors


  • kevin browne

    wow, that hit me really hard. strong write, my friend.

    • onepauly

      hope you enjoyed it kevin.
      more to come. I finally put my
      photo on my profile page.
      it took a long time
      but I managed you can see what I look like. ha! ha!

    • Syd

      Great write Paul. Thoroughly enjoyed.

      - Syd

      • onepauly

        I like writing poems
        only good ones though.

      • Theta the scholar

        Very nice rhythm and poem. Good job

        • onepauly

          I'm always here,
          checking out your poetry

          • Theta the scholar

            appreciate it dude

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          • FineB

            Sharp and good onepauly.


            Keep writing

            • onepauly

              you too.

            • Maxine Smith

              Wow, very powerful. Great write Pauly.

              • onepauly

                and you. ha! ha!

              • X A I

                Such a heartfelt and expressive poem... Keep it up, Paul!

                • onepauly

                  just something to make you smile.

                • Fay Slimm.

                  A power-packed write Paul - - love the twist and play on words which add so much force to the read.

                  • onepauly

                    thank you for your kind comment.

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