Oh, Dear Mother, I Love You So Much.

kevin browne


Oh, dear mother, I love you so much
I miss your smile and your loving touch
I know I've been naughty but I'm not that bad
I'm a poet now and I can write why I'm sad.

You see, mum, I've written you a letter
To ask how you are and to tell you I'm better
Because before when I thought things were okay
I was left speechless when you and dad ran away.

I know there were times when I have hurt you
But I was young and never knew what to do
Yes. I drank Whiskey and snorted cocaine
I had nothing to lose just chocked on pain.

5 years now has felt like several decades
So I stole mirrors and bought razor blades
The message you sent me to keep me going
Melts my heart with the love you're showing.

Now I've packed up my old ideas of hope
I think it's time we could both learn to cope
For father, I'll say, please stay out the way
Leave us alone and let me stay for a day.

I'll write again soon just to say I love you
And I know you'll write back I love you too
Remember these words from your son Kevin 
We'll meet one day before we meet in Heaven.

I can't say I'll last another five years
So I've written you in with a million tears
Each day they will drop onto the floor
Each day I will miss you more and more.

So until the next time, we can meet
Sign up on twitter and I'll send you a tweet
Along with this poem, I'll read it out loud
How much I love you and I hope you're proud.

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  • onepauly

    very touching King Kev.
    my apartment number is 101
    ha! ha!. I hope you have a nice visit with your folks.

    • kevin browne

      101 it is then. stuck together forever in numerical chemistry. thanks for your sweet comment too.

      • onepauly

        I really don't know why people
        like the number 101.
        tell your folks I said hi!

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      • FineB

        Thank you Kevin.

        A wonderful tribute to your mother - in fact where would be without our mothers.

        A mother - it is probably one of the most underestimated and undervalued careers in a woman's life. Mothers do so much than we give them credit for.

        Keep writing

        • kevin browne

          indeed they are, FineB, what we do without them. my mum had 6 kids and basically raised us up on her own. I love her dearly. thanks for your visit.

        • LaurašŸŒ»

          Oh, wow! This is an incredibly touching and beautiful write! As a mom and having had a son with an addiction, I can totally relate to the situation! Just remember...a mom is a mom in the truest sense of the word till the end of time!

          A child doesnā€™t ask permission to be born! It is a parentā€™s responsibility to love that child! UNCONDITIONAL love till the end and beyond!


          • kevin browne

            I so totally agree with you, Laura, they are special in every child and adults hearts. the flame of motherhood reigns.

          • Christina8

            This is a very touching write! Thanks for sharing with us. A mother's love is vast and unconditional. Great letter!

            • kevin browne

              thank you, Christina S, for popping in and leaving a wonderful comment.

              • Christina8


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