The Greater Awakening

We need a revival,
throughout every land.
We need God's people,
to start taking a stand.
Stop thinking, 'Christians are supposed to be quiet'.
Do not be afraid to bow your heads in public,
while saying a prayer and holding hands.
Do not just speak up for what is wrong.
Speak up for what is right.
Spread the Gospel,
and preach Christ's word.
It seems to me as though,
it goes unheard.
The devil's voice,
is spread throughout the world.
Homosexuals protesting equality,
as if they have none.
People may think,
that the Bible is done,
but soon they will run.
The devil may think,
that he has won,
but soon God's people will rise up in his name.
We will overpower satin.
We will over run the devil.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities and dark forces.
We will have a revival.
We will have a revival.
We will mount up with wings like eagles.
In the name of Jesus,
an awakening is just over the horizon.

Not just revival when you move on us Lord
Bring reformation once we have been restored
Don’t let us loose sight of your mercy and grace
As we walk into your gifts of confidence and faith
Don’t let us forget where we all came from
Let us remember that the greatest change comes from love
Heighten our senses and soften our hearts
So when we stand before our giants
We are aware that you do all of the work
Let us glorify you through a lense of peace
Don’t let the work you have done in us retreat
We walk out not for us
But for You, our King
Remind us who You are so that’s what we can be

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