"A Dream Hidden From Light"

Through empty homes and broken souls I walked alone through the crumbling walls and shattered dreams of my reality. I meandered aimlessly, never truly understanding the darkness on my own. But then I found you, surrounded by the works of your own ability.


The colors and solidness of it all took me up high. For the first time I saw light in my sky. But I turned as I knew that future wasn't for me. It was for those who still saw the brightness of the future in their dreams.


I trudged away into fields of dead flowers surrounded by the shroud of old and dead desires. I looked in grief at the field that was once so green and I saw the stems begin to lean. They straightened and grew before the light. The roses never before reached such height.


And in an instant I saw a world so colorful. But a tear fell from my eye as I soon realized a daisy I planted was long gone, and the wind overthrew my sad song.


I left in a daze, the days becoming all one haze. I walked on a street of old, shivering and chattering as I was oh so cold. My life was one of true embitter as I always seemed to be trapped in a long cruel winter. But as I crested a hill, it lessened to a chill. And as if I had never before mourned, I felt warm.


I looked over my mind from a hill off to the side. It looked different from the last time. The fields were green, the houses filled. It looked like a rainbow had spilled, and this time, I did not cry. I wondered, "how could this be!" But then I understood. This was my mind after you found me.


I fell to my knees and closed my eyes. I felt more warmth return to my soul; a sense of bliss rather than demise. I awoke to you wrapped around me and I wrapped around you. You slept in silence and I did too. A daisy in your hair.


  • Liberty_Shadows

    its a great poem! i love it.

  • onepauly

    its about getting older.
    like myself.
    I'm 62, and most everything is different.

    • onepauly

      I tried,
      are you getting older?
      there's answers for all of it.

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