So When's the Revolution?

When’s the revolution coming?

It's about goddamn time.

Politicians spewing hatred,

And you think this is fine?


No need for the whisper,

I'll shout all I like.


It’s about time we fight.


Pick up your sword.

And swing it for those.

Who died: while we sat

Around and pose


For instagram and for fake

Fucking friends.

I'm sick of all of this, its

Time that it ends.


I'm sick of Donald and Putin.

Theresa May and the Dup.

Who put their fucking egos

Before you and me.


So when's the revolution coming?

I'll certainly join in.

I’ll bring buckingham to the ground

And watch parliament cave in.


  • Azura Nightsong

    Viva la revolutioooooon my friend. Its a long time coming. I share with your frustration. Good poem.

    • Anonamus

      Thanks, fellow revolutionist.

    • onepauly

      merry ole England.

    • florence arla

      Intense, I love it.

      • Anonamus

        Thanks : )

      • Syd

        Strong words. Enjoyed

        - Syd

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