I Want To Meet Jesus

After I am done living my life,
I want to be home with Jesus.
Where no more myricls need to be shone,
I want to go meet Jesus.
After I am done, with my last write,
I want to go meet Jesus.
He will come for me,
like a thief in the night,
I want to go meet Jesus.
However I die,
I know my soul will fly,
to heaven to go meet Jesus.
When I've done all I can,
to help raise my nephews and nieces,
I want to go meet Jesus.
When I've had my last stand,
and my soul is at peace,
I'll know that I've met Jesus.
After my last seizure,
and I reach the promised land,
I'll be at home with Jesus.

I want to see the golden gate I want to see his hand I take when it's my calling for the day I lay unawake. Will I become an angel or a butterfly? I will see when I get to the other side of the unknown to all that live. My soul is so beautiful I swear I'm a saint. I know I have sinned lord please forgive me for gods sake.

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