Raining glistens dance in the wind of Time

Rays of pain and pleasure gleam in the eyes

Rising as tears or sparks of smile

Have the moments felt in the journey of life.


Folding the moments and saving their essence

Into amber of pain and joyful crystals

Colors your Soul in rainbow shades.


The raindrops, bland and robbed of the hue,

That tugs at your heart as souvenirs

Are but corporeal knots on your ethereal wings

That chains your mind to the vacuum of past.


  • Maxine Smith

    Nicely done Diamond. Very beautiful.

    • Diamond

      Appreciate your reading Maxine. : )

      • Maxine Smith


      • James Michael

        You weave words together magically. Might take a few more reads to comprehend. That is the beauty of poetry.

        Satish Verma will enjoy this, just don't expect a comment. I know he reads many poems here.

        • Diamond

          I appreciate your reading Lawless. I am glad you enjoyed it.

          That's nice. I enjoy his work very much also.

        • Theta the scholar

          Beautifully put together like a puzzle or sculpture. Keep up the good work Diamonds

          • Diamond

            Thank you for reading. I am glad you enjoyed it.

          • Goldfinch60

            Beautiful write Diamond. Those chains can be broken and the glory of the past can help you move into a glorious future.

            • Diamond

              That's a beautiful comment Gold. I appreciate your reading very much.

            • RiverJordan

              mastering the mind is potentially one of the most significant struggles, ego death and ascendance through the levels of consciousness is what I truly yearn, happy your back, peace and love!✌❤

              • Diamond

                Tricky part of it is that even yearning comes in the way being "that" which one yearns for. I heart fully appreciate your read and the comment. Much Love.

                • RiverJordan

                  well said, your words are magnetic!💎

                • ron parrish aka wordman

                  you painted some lovely images,with your words

                  • Diamond

                    Appreciate your read wordman. Hope you are doing good.

                    • ron parrish aka wordman

                      you`re welcome

                      i am right as rain and feeling no pain

                    • AllTheRandomThings

                      Diamond, I cannot express in my deepest emotion how much I love your poetic imagery and creative mindset. Keep it up girl!

                      • Diamond

                        I appreciate your reading. : )
                        And glad you enjoyed it.

                        • Diamond

                          Much Love

                        • ron parrish aka wordman

                          you painted a lovely image

                        • Santita

                          Well this is in line with what we were just talking about it. Carrying that which does not belong to us, like burdens of the past. This piece shimmers in vivid wisdom. Much enjoyed.

                          • Diamond

                            As such, nothing, my dear.... nothing really matters. Neither past nor future... And present IS. Love your reading. Thank you!

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