lemons poetry

this is not you....

  • you dont need it!

    please trust me!

    i know the mirror lies 

    i get it...you despise how you look 

    i know life has shook you

    this idea of what you want to be 

    its..its not right..

    youve been sitting around remarking on things 

    youve had an over arking idea 

    an idea that you dont look good enough 

    all this stuff you have on 

    makes you look like youve made up your life

    these things raid your mind 

    at this point your blind to your self 

    you dont even know what you are any more 

    neither do i...i guess you succeeded in that 

    you need to wake up from the make up 

    take back your mind 

    you dont lack a pretty face 

    stop arming your mind with a fake since of defence 

    your inner self repents that you do this 

    cover girl covers real girls 

    the pearls you have on are fine 

    but when you look at the masscara running down your face 

    do you think of how you replace you?

    times to be honest 

    the reason you think your ugly 

    is because you bit your own hooks 

    the hooks are what youve become 

    you cast your self out 

    you except your own down fall 

    your now what you tryed so hard not to be 

    you let it be your guard you defied your self 

    if you crack a wall nut whats to be under it? 

    what every one wants is under it!

    when you take thunder from rain whats there?! 

    the thing every one needs

    when you take off the eye liner 

    the "foundation" and the lip stick 


    you have the real wall nut!

    you have the real rain no matter the pain!

    you have the real you!!

    when you reel in your hooks and bait...

    and stop the self hate...then but only then...we will talk... 


                                                                    -levi cloninger-


  • yellowrose

    i like this poem very much .. it sounds like you are having some sort of self talk / self reflection , sounds like you need to get more in touch with the real you , take off that mask and cover and look deep within .. i'm currently reading a book called the love mindset, a very good book which you might want to read, it talks about self acceptance and the way to love

  • Theta the scholar

    Very nice poem lemons you don't need to change yourself just improve upon yourself everyone's beautiful in their own way. Keep up the good work

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