Roman Culture in Britain (in 2 parts)


The Romans
made slavery 'civilized'
~ gave 'low-lifes'
a 'social'
ladder to scale...
Their classist culture
now realized
abroad, has many
struggling to
not appear to fail.


Britain is
still reeling from
the Roman invasion;
wanting to impress
those long dead
masters of war,
and the feeling that
they might have been
happier with
the gods they had before.



  • onepauly

    there are many religions
    but only one god.

  • Jhe

    thats a question of faith ~ some believe there are many gods, some even believe that nature is god...

    if i say i believe in a living multiverse created by some crazy scientist-god you can say you dont think thats the case, but you cant say im wrong or crazy for believing that.

    i wrote these poems coz fed up of people being assigned 'higher' status & expecting 'lowlifes' to honour it,
    and fed up of 'high ups' dismissing my mixed culture as a sub culture...
    and fed up of certain britains making their 'high class' references to roman and greek mythology in schools etc as if that mythology was their own.

    the poems were not telling anyone how many gods they could (let alone should) have, so i dont know why you responded the way you did...

    if you're going to reply with a change of subject could you please also tell me why. ta, j

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