The Darker Side Of Wonderland

Come now take my hand 
My right 
My left
Either one
It doesn't matter...


Neither is deft


Take my hand 
Guide me 
Show me the light
Burried inside of me


Take me down the meandering side streets
The places where undesirables meet
The taste of desperation in the air
Let the ominous resident faces
Pockmarked with rough living stare


To the underpasses
To where the youths gather
In masses
The underclasses 


Take me to the tower blocks


Take me to the acrid stench
Of piss in elevators
Make me appreciate what I have
So I'll be grateful 
When I meet my maker


Take me now


I'm yours 
Save me
The contrast between the haves & have nots 
May be enough to rehabilitate me
Show me how lucky I've been since birth
To have a mother 
Full time work


Take me now
To the cool beach 
The darkened sand 


One day I may understand 
How lucky I've been 
Not born into dire poverty 
Allowed to suckle on the soft underbelly


When others grew up with abuse
Drug misuse
Hand me downs
And day time TV


Take me 
Save me
Make me understand 
How fortunate I've been 
To not be a permanent resident


Of the darker side of wonderland 


  • MLHnow

    Again, you give much in every word and truly give WORD to us all
    My wordy self has not this beautiful fully open door. My doorway is very cluttered and you have to move odd items out of the way to enter! MLH

    • Syd

      Hi MLH, apologies for my late reply. Thanks for reading my poem and leaving feed back.

      - Syd

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