Fragile as a Little Shell

The world is in a rush

Knocking me off my safe route

With life's unkind helping push,

Into madness, is a brute.


Washed up by the tide,

Left on the cold unknown

I'm fragile as a little shell, swept aside

Waiting to be trod on, crushing bone.


You can't change stone to diamond

It's one of those things

I'm drowning in hope, that fills the pond

That, we ducks, are in and swimming

Around, and around.  


I'm just me, nothing special,

I'm empty, shell that is just breakable

So please be gentle...



  • Maxine Smith

    This is a sad little write, everyone is special and deserves not to be trod on.
    We are all breakable BUT once we break, we have the magical power to heal ourselves. To heal stronger than before.
    Very beautifully done.

  • Cinderella_Pixie

    Beautifully written, just know that anything broken can be fixed. It won't be the same but it will be whole again.

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