You won't forget me

You had me at "the hell you say" the way you looked up at me on that day.  I wanted you and I got you.  We laughed and told each other stories.  We have so much in common an now so much worries on my mind it's like I wish I could turn back time.  I can't so I just have to keep my faith in you an pray that you will be my night an shining armor or I'll let you be an you my love will feel the karma. 


  • onepauly

    I really don't understand it, did you lose him?

    • marlenawood

      No onepauly I'm sorry I confused you. We are still together it's just that he's insecure. I'm 36 he is 52 an we have a one year old together. He feels as if he doesn't deserve me an he will lose me but I'm here forever he just can't realize that

      • onepauly

        you could give him some hints.
        ha! ha!

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      • orchidee

        Ok, I won't forget ya! lol.

        • marlenawood

          Lol thanks orchidee I appreciate that my love

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