Andrew Guzaldo

“The Overt Beatitude”


 “There is a substance of ethereal,
  Ones that reflects within your sclera,                         
  That has impelled me to envisage,
  That your nascency is from the nirvana,

 You light up souls that procure near you,
 As the light perception glares before me,
 This has given me extensive admiration of you,
 A macrocosm journey reaching into my soul,

You have enlightened me on my path before,
With an intense illumination of what I will achieve,
You elucidated my desire to be risible, 
The eternal beauty you retain dear Deity,

Has persuaded my existence to move forth,
I shall smile at you through my tears of bliss,
As my silvery tears fall before me yet pure,
I am but a menial mortal before you,
Deity of overt Beatitude”
By AG 05/03/2018 ©

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