Look in the mirror, what do you see. A image painted that you made clear for all to see.

A moulded figure that’s displayed uniquely through what you have experienced and all that you have seen.

Its what you have been through it doesn’t have to define you, it may persuade the way you present yourself to the world, but an image is only the cover to your inner soul.

Let the world see whats within and stop hiding behind your mask.



  • onepauly

    somebodys paranoid!

  • Mj_santos

    Hmm as do some

  • Theta the scholar

    Spiritual and intriguing "don't judge a book by its cover" vibe. Very nice keep up the good work Mike

  • Antoinette

    Great poem. It really gets you thinking about who you are but I suppose that's a question we all ask ourselves and until we truly express ourselves we'll never know, neither will anyone else.

  • Maxine Smith

    It’s true, what counts is what’s inside, as you can never understand by judging an exterior. I like this Michael.

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