Theta the scholar

A pinch of chaos

  • What is wrong with going bad

If it stops you from going mad

  • A simple shout or a simple throw

For this steam I have to blow

  • "Why are you angry" when I’m quite the opposite

It annoys me with their frequent asking till I blow a gasket

  • Assuming you’re wrong and they’re right

They are always making me vexed and uptight

  • And that’s when it happens anger takes the wheel

I show their idiocy of theirs and their sadness is my meal

  • For we can’t bottle anger for then we would kill

That’s how we become crazy that is how a killer is built

  • We need to project our emotions and that is true

If even it angers or annoys or turns people blue

  • I don’t care if it puts relationships on pause

For what’s life without a pinch of chaos


  • Theta the scholar

  • Antoinette

    I read the first line and I loved it. Haven't even read the rest yet but here I go

  • Antoinette

    Yes! This is the poem I needed to hear right now. I know exactly what this poem is talking about that those opening lines were perfect.

    • Theta the scholar

      Thank u Antoinette if you like this poem feel free to browse my other ones and thank you for the generous words

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