Fail To Suceed!

Maxine Smith


Hit me hard with a hundred no’s 

Each bring’s you closer to a yes 

Our failing low’s are where we grow 

Where we climb and leap for success 


Own each defeated misfortune 

Inadequacy is our strength 

Teaching us to remain humble 

Strive for life with every breath 


Failure to opportunity 

Rip all positives from the ground 

Hold tight of learned wisdom from gloom 

Now we soar, just look at us now 



  • orchidee

    A fine write Maxine.

  • Laura🌻

    A beautifully scripted positive message! Very inspirational! Great pic to accentuate your write! Excellent!

    Hugs 🤗

  • Antoinette

    It's nice to read a poem with a good positive message all the way through. Sometimes all the forlorn and heavy poems can be a bit much. This was the perfect antidote to that. It was uplifting and reminds the reader of their own capabilities. Well done

    • Maxine Smith

      What lovely feedback, thank you so much.

    • Michael Edwards

      Another super write Maxine.

    • Christina8

      A very positive poem! Great job!

    • Netashi

      From under dog to number 1, Very nice poem keep it up Max


      Thanks MAXINE ~ In my limited experience (35 years) it is only when we FAIL that we can measure success ! In Scientific Research the failures are just as significant as the successes ! The failures teach you what is wrong (so you eliminate them !) and the successes enable you to take another step in the right direction ! We all take stainless steel for granted but our great-grandparents had to polish all their cutlery because it rusted ! In 1912 in Sheffield (UK) Harry Brearley was experimenting with adding different metals to IRON to see if it altered its properties. Some did and some didn't ~ he did hundreds of experiments. He gradually increased the % of the added metal. When he added 13% of CHROMIUM he discovered the Chromium / Iron alloy did not rust and STAINLESS STEEL was born ! He did not set out to invent STAINLESS STEEL but by persistence (and lots of experiments) he did ! The MANTRA is: If at first you don't succeed ~ try ~ try and try AGAIN ! Thanks for an interesting topic ~ Yours BRIAN & ANGELA

    • Lee Renard Caspian

      Thank you for your poem of encouragement. I think it is a message we all needed to hear. Lovely!

    • onepauly

      now or then
      good write.
      smile. ha! ha!

    • Accidental Poet

      Excellent positive write Maxine.

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good and very true write, we learn so much by our mistakes but it also teaches us to do better as experience cannot be taught.

    • Sam Cork

      Another good write my little girl. Never give up. Love you x

      • Maxine Smith


      • ron parrish aka wordman

        inspiration is the driving force in life

        • Maxine Smith

          Indeed it is Ron, thanks for the read.

          • Maxine Smith

            Indeed it is Ron, thanks for the read.

          • kingOfOne

            This mind set is key to success.. love it! Life isn't easy but if it was, we wouldn't have art. Keep it up pretty lady!

            • Maxine Smith

              Such kind words, thank you. Does King have a first name?

              • kingOfOne

                Joe 😊

              • Gabriella

                that was a very good message

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