Lost In Her Made-Up World

  Alone, in her big room

There is a girl dreaming away her life

She lives in a world without gloom

All day long. All night long because it stops her snatching a knife.

In her world, happy and painless but deeper she goes.

Wondering why she cannot live in it forever.

Her eyes glazed like nobody is there, it shows.

Fake fantasy, where she does not get hurt, not even ever 

Hours of doing nothing but, hours of living under her artificial skies.

On the fake soft grass in her fake golden sun.

Maybe, that is  the only way to stop her cries

The only way to have any peace, happiness or fun.

Her daily dose of drugs makes it so true.

Addicted to her drugs or her fake role? 

Always searching, always wanting more of the glue

holding her little pretend bubble together with the kindness of alcohol. 

Washes down drugs and more drugs, dangerously to the dream.

Into comfort that she knows like her daily prayers

of not living, out loud and clear it reams,

desperately hoping some God cares.

But if God was true she would not still be here,

Or forever lost in her mind. Lost in her made-up world.



  • Antoinette

    Such a beautiful poem. I found it painfully relateable and so I almost brought me to teas as I read it in a low and mellow voice. Really good, the repetition of 'fake' had more impact than you think.

  • Maxine Smith

    Such a sad write, there is always hope in the dark moments, we just have to fight to see them.
    Beautifully written.

  • onepauly

    we all need attention love.

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