On Raven's Wings


It was all so real, every breath in its usual pattern.

I begged for no end, to remain as Saturn. 

And then morning's burning glow seeped 

Into the corners of private, wishful dreams. I reaped, 

What I had sewn.  

A cold overtook the once excited, burning bone. 


While my eyes were open and looking at the real, 

I still dreamt of what I wished to feel.

Still, those eyes drilled into my heart. 

Still, those eyes- those eyes... our eyes apart. 

My Ravens swept but they need not be eager,  

Odin's travelled far; my world was meager.  


Space for nothing but those lips.  

Still, squeezed in were the shameful scripts.  

I had never known what to say, how to be honest.  

The idea of being that cruel made me the wannest.  

Sorry my dear but those eyes are eyes I see,  

Your eyes are mine and mine are yours but we... 


We are a union of trust and hope,  

While you hope for a forever I hope to cope.  

To be free of my thought, those birds, 

The birds wanting and constructing idle words.  

What is love anyway? What does it really mean?  

Are we destined? Are we perfect? It doesn't matter. 


  • Ravenssongbird

    For me, breathtakingly worded. Almost ethereal and surreal. The imagery is fantastic. I very much enjoyed it 😊❤

    • Antoinette

      Thank you so much, I'm really happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for the beautiful comment and isn't it cool that I wrote a poem about Ravens and you're called Raven

    • Maxine Smith

      I very much enjoyed this also. A brilliant job, well done.

      • Antoinette

        Thank you so much, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it

      • Theta the scholar

        Very nice poem keep up the good work Antoinette

      • onepauly

        the true meaning of love
        is sacrifice.

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