Fridays Rant

Notice of absence from AllTheRandomThings

How many people say they're there for you,

but in the end they evaporate?

Our roots were meant to join forces but judgement forced us to discriminate,

Greed took the visionaries hand like a corporate man to a kids stand with lemonade.

Lets teach this little one working in a factory can be fun, two breaks and add a lunch with no pay.

Then resource all his ideals and convert the thought process that minimum wage seems to be doing him okay.

Tell him to expect his dreams to one day decay, because to become successful is to a have a degree to display on the resume.

I often ponder how a piece of paper could exhibit our worth, or how corporation's make millions yet the hardest workers in the dirt.


Often times I dream of a culture that valued trading, instead of utter oniomania 

I wish more people lived in the moment, instead of developing off of social media... 

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