Beautiful Days

Soon marks a beautiful day.
That is why I could not wait,
to write this piece
For our embassy,
will move to Jerusalem on the fourteenth of May.
It is also Israel's independance day.
It's been seventy years since,
and ever since Israel,
became a nation,
everyone wanted their distance.
Some people don't,
believe it was God,
but I truely do.
How is it that four years,
after the holocaust,
A small mighty nation,
was re-relocated,
by beaten and battered jews.
To the average person,
it might not seem like much,
but let's put politics aside.
Israel will always,
hold a special place,
in my heart where it abides.
It's beauty holds no bounds,
and after going once,
I'd go back seventy more times,
to your biggest cities,
and smallest towns.
So why do I love,
Israel so much?
If only I could explain...
Unfortunately I cannot,
but I will love her anyway.

All places are beautiful with people that are just like you an me. Oh how beautiful it is to see the world and the ocean sea so free. There's many kinds of people out there who are not like you or me. God created human beings therefore we are all different you see. We make mistakes. We learn from them but some do not and continue to make mistakes for which could take their own life for Christ sake.

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