Ugly governments

The kite is my flight
the string keeps me free
to see like kite sees the light.
like dark sees Barks at night.
Steps of wildebeest
to Anguish those in mystics of dreams..
Splash to splash in you all but smash.
Innovation of a new invitation to war and nothing more
only invites a invasion blur to a loss
in despite of despread inaction its murder
by permutation all just to enlighten your poor heartless organisation
in wish not organized so it stands in yesterday winds all drag if no direction can breath detection.
All die in day of election.
Without heart its enactment for lost benediction
Only glory can stand on fury" to fight with no might its to fight with sight of no right.
Pray for u lost your way
even the antichrist could have been in daylight for no time in birth is set for even the darkest seed.
God is all politics stand to stand only by praying the word can we brag.

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