The urge never goes away

The urge to self harm never goes away, 
the scars covering my body are a reminder everyday.

You have to remind yourself there are other copying strategies,
even though i feel the burning desire deep inside of me.

People who never felt the relief like we have, will never quite understand.
How we can harm ourselves, the blade physically in our hand. 

Never get frustrated at them for not understanding why, 
the less people, the better needing that feeling to satisfy 


  • elizabethshadow

    You wrote very honestly about a matter so personal to many. It was well-written! I think you could enhance the emotion and message you're expressing here through more imagery, description, and figurative language.

  • onepauly

    you could take someone with you.
    its up to you.

  • Noah

    A complete relate. Beautiful honesty. Much love, my friend

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