Ian Primmer

He’s smarter than you

You have the money, the power, the American Dream, but he's smarter than you,

you can wield fire and fury with the might of your words and people will listen -- but he's smarter than you,

you have the power to fire, you have a team, but he's smarter than you,

procedures employed, in the event that you strike, we're on to you.


You hold higher office, 2 scoops for you, but surely you know he's smarter than you.

To rid him you'll try, and maybe you might, whether wrong or right, we know that you'll try,

you wave your fist, you slam, you bite, fake news and doom with all you’re might,

at the end of the day, you'll tire from anger, sweat, falter, fail, you’re now in danger,

 to you by now he is no stranger, your fueled by hate with all your anger,


you’ve nowhere to run, it’s just an excuse and surely you know that he’s smarter than you.


Authored by: Ian Primmer



  • elizabethshadow

    You created a very honest piece of poetry. You made it very personal, using creative methods of figurative language. Great job on your first poem here. It could almost just use a good beat and be turned into a rap.

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