King Taurus

"Think I Don't Know"

You think I don't know about those times you threw dirt on my name, but guess wat i aint trippin.

I just find it disturbing you would do that. I thought highly of you when others didn't.

At first i wanted to step to you and confront you but yo lies aint worth my breathe to ask for.

I just rather look atchu laugh shake my head and close tha door. It use to make a negga feel fucked up to my core.

I use to be like damn not you. Not tha one who told me all this shit that sound real that was really gettin presented to me ill. think i didn't know about my business bein on that dotted line and hard pavement. I thought we were more solid than that.

You can't trust those who act like yo foes and act like they love you to moon and back.

You told me you wouldn't do me like that im like lol um huh yeah you should've cut yo own tongue out and disposed it yourself.

You know day one you always click and crank good like car and a seatbelt, but once you get down that interstate tha tires go flat and you left changin all four by yoself.

You think I don't know how they knew about wat you claim i did but i had to write tha story that got scrabbled up like eggs in a skillet.

You think I don't know about tha lies you exposed to me. That you say you didn't say about me lol ohhhh i know. You'll cross yo own friend and slit they neck if i didn't know any better.

Don't try to switch it and jump down my throat i know you feel offended. Why so serious? Like tha joker is how im presenting it.

Why you lie to me? I don't know, but just remember don't think that i dont know.

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