I Know Sometimes You Might Wonder Where I Could Be,

I Hope You Know I’ve Been Thinking Of You Like You’ve Been Thinking Of Me.  

You’re Worried... Once Again Me And Your Mom Had A Fight,  

I Worry Too, I Hope She Told You That We’ll Be Alright.  

I Miss You, I Really Hope You Dont Already Hate Me,  

I Still Have The Little Special Bracelet You Made Me.  

I Know Maybe You Might Of Been Just Too Young To Remember,

When You Were Just One Year Old And Me And Your Mom Were Together.  

Not Only Was She Special To Me And A Heavenly View,  

She Was Also Very Special Cause She Introduced Me To You.   

The Most Beautiful Angel Face, I Felt My Heart Get Warm,  

Made Me Wish I Was Really There The Moment You Were Born.  

Everytime I Look At You I See The Same Baby Face,  

The One That Made Me Want A Family In The First Place.  

I Remember When I Used To Wait For Your Mom After School,  

So Happy, Cause’ Right After We’d Stop At Day Care For You.  

I Wouldn’t Stop Smiling, It Was The Little Things You’d Do,  

You Stole My Heart Completely When You Asked For Your “SHOEEEEE”.  

I Knew Ever Since That You Were Special To Me,  

Always Had Me Wondering What Type Of Parent I Could Be.  

Learning From You Was An Experience Like No Other,  

A Beautiful Soul Full Of Dreams Just Like Your Mother.  

Youre An Amazing Blessing Sent From Up Above,  

Your Soul, Your Humor, Your Intelligence Is Everything I Love.  

I Found My Basketball This Morning And Didn’t Know What To Do,  

I Kept Wishing I Was On The Court Playing Ball With You.  

I Was Hoping To Be The One You’d Only Come To,  

When You Wanted To Play Sports Cause You Love Them Like I Do.  

I Keep Looking At Your Picture, I Wonder If Your Doing Okay?  

Are You Hurt? Are You Safe? If Not I’m On My Way.  

Ive Been So Sad And Lonely Now That I’m On My Own,  

Having You In My Life Kept Me Happy, Why Would I Run Away From Home?  

I Want You Happy Mel, I Just Wanna See You Grow,

I Know You’ll Make Me Proud Just Like You Did In Your Talent Show.

I Don’t Think You Know How Much I Wish There Could Be,

A Way For You To Just Sit Here And Read Again To Me.  

You Tried To Get Me And Your Mom Together In Every Possible Way,  

Because You Knew With Me You Girl’s Would Forever Be Safe.

 It Tears Me Apart, Cause I Couldn’t Give You A Great Life,  

Especially The Day You Begged Me To Make Your Mommy My Wife.  

I’m So Sorry For Feeling Like I Wasn’t Enough,

I Was Just Scared, I Loved Your Mommy A Little Too Much.

I Was Losing Myself, 

I Was Becoming Someone Else,

I Needed To Go Away And Take Care Of My Mental Health.

It's Gonna Hurt Me Cause' My Birthday Is Coming Soon,

I Just Wish I Could've Been Spending It With You.

I Want You To Know I Love You And Your Mom Until Forever,  

There Will Never Be Another Family I Would Ever Love Better.

Whenever You Need Me.. I’ll Come For You Just Say When,

Because In Me You’ll Always And Forever Have A Friend. 

If You Think I’d Ever Forget You, Just Know That Isn’t True,  

Even After Everything Me And Your Mom Have Gone Through.  

Believe Me, I Cry And Pray To God Everyday,

To Help Me Get Your Family Back Together One Day.

I Will Wait For The Day That I’ll Get To See You Again,

Because I Loved You Ever Since I’ve Met You Way Back Then.

When You Smile.. Happiness Is All That You Give Me,

Little #4🏀 I Hope You Can Find It In Your Heart To Forgive Me. 

  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 9th, 2018 04:29
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