What Would You Be?!

Maxine Smith

If you could be anything what would it be??
I’d be a fly on the walls, into others lives I will see
Do you say to them what you say to me?
For il find out all, il set the truth free
Perhaps il have a super power, to be human in the day and a fly at night
To uncover your secrets as I fly out of sight

If i could be anything
I'd be peterpan
Flying to neverland
After all what more could i be
What would you see?
Maybe I can fly and soar
Lead the lost boys
As we found our places
In world filled with different faces
I'd be a dream
For I anything than what I seem
I am a dream
I comfort you when you sleep
I am what your mind will keep
I bring you thoughts of love
I am a dream
But beware, for I can always be
A Nightmare

- If I could be anything I would be
A simple man that is happy and free
- I would spend the rest of my days doing things I love
Having fun laughing with my children and dove
- I would also still be a scholar for people never change
I would still love the color blue and still like rain
- If I could be anything I would be
A simple man that is happy and free

I think I'd love to be free
All though would that help our society?
Is it possible to want to just be me?
To more than you see?
If I could be anything, I'd wish to be me
With no judgement from Society

I would have liked to be first Man on the Moon
First Man to conquer Everest or Fly in a Balloon
But I was born to late you see ~ born in 1983
And they were born too soon !
It would make Angela smile ~ to see me .....
Run the first four minute MILE
And it would drive her frantic if I .....
Flew first across the wide Atlantic
But I was born too late you see ~ born in 1983
And they were born to soon !
But there is one thing I could do
To win a NOBEL PRIZE or TWO !
Cancer is a world wide curse
In some respects its getting worse
Biochemistry is my trade ~ I know
How drugs are screened and made
I won't find fame as a Ballet Dancer
MY DREAM ? To find a cure for CANCER !
Thanks for reading ~ add another for MAX XOX

I'd love to make him smile
To make him believe life is worthwhile
I'd love to be what he needs
To help him conquer unconquerable deeds
I'd love to be his
To live even one moment
Of uneventful bliss

If I could be anything I’d be the biggest bell in the steeple
I could toll ferociously
and scream my brass lungs out
every hour
on the hour
people look up
as the clapper snaps into the sides
mark this, ye parishioners!
there’s a man in here
and his bones are crushed for your time
so when you stroll on by
after tea cakes and gospel
remember the fires of hell it took
to cast this bell’s cry

To me the answer is simple.
It's the same as before.
A poet, a poet, a married poet,
and no more,
For that is all I wish to be.
Wouldn't being a poet, be just lovely?
Oh and maybe a Dad,
Yeah that sounds kind of cool,
And some kind of teacher,
But I ain't going back to school,
And maybe a Buddhist or a whole new religion,
And maybe a new form of communication,
A new way of being, or a complete hippy,
The man with the cure to everything.
Maybe I could become all of these things,
But I will start off by being a poet...
Who knows where it will lead.

if i could be anything
i'd be like a bird
living in a nice , safe environment
feeling peace and calm
anxiety , fear, sadness about the past
would not be allowed to dwell in my mind
i would sing like a bird
singing a cheery and happy song
you wouldn't see a misery face
or a sad tone in my voice
i would be like a bird who rests
peacefully in a safe nest
with relatable companions around
to comfort her if ever a slight sadness
should stir amongst her wings
she would be able to get up and fly
relishing the ability to be set herself free
a girl with happiness in her heart
safety always in her mind
and a strong ability to move past
pain, anxiety , there would be no need to fear
because she would know
she could flap those wings

You think I don't know about those times you threw dirt on my name, but guess wat i aint trippin.
I just find it disturbing you would do that. I thought highly of you when others didn't.
At first i wanted to step to you and confront you but yo lies aint worth my breathe to ask for.
I just rather look atchu laugh shake my head and close tha door. It use to make a negga feel fucked up to my core.
I use to be like damn not you. Not tha one who told me all this shit that sound real that was really gettin presented to me ill.
Huh....you think i didn't know about my business bein on that dotted line and hard pavement. I thought we were more solid than that.
You can't trust those who act like yo foes and act like they love you to moon and back.
You told me you wouldn't do me like that im like lol um huh yeah you should've cut yo own tongue out and disposed it yourself.
You know day one you always click and crank good like car and a seatbelt, but once you get down that interstate tha tires go flat and you left changin all four by yoself.
You think I don't know how they knew about wat you claim i did but i had to write tha story that got scrabbled up like eggs in a skillet.
You think I don't know about tha lies you exposed to me. That you say you didn't say about me lol ohhhh i know. You'll cross yo own friend and slit they neck if i didn't know any better.
Don't try to switch it and jump down my throat i know you feel offended. Why so serious? Like tha joker is how im presenting it.
Why you lie to me? I don't know, but just remember don't think that i dont know.

I'm only Human ~ couldn't be JESUS
But I could be one of the TWELVE
Not JUDAS of course ~ not even his Horse
But into the others ~ I'll have to delve !
MATTHEW the Taxman ~ THOMAS the Doubter
SIMON the Zealot a bit of a shouter
PETER betrayed HIM ~ JAMES he was slain
I come back to his brother JOHN again & again
JOHN recognised just who JESUS was
When HE said I'm the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE
JESUS was Messiah ~ God's only SON
Who died on the CROSS and then rose back to LIFE !
JOHN wrote his Gospel with I AM's and Signs
Proving that JESUS was "Man for the Times"
JOHN was full of expectations so GOD
Opened Heaven and JOHN wrote REVELATIONS !
So if back in History I could have gone
My favorite person is the Apostle JOHN ~ AMEN
Only a few more to go ~ Please add yours for MAX !

What would I be? If anything a tree. Standing on my own or in a Forrest with the unknown. I can see everything! Would you like to see? Of course you do, come climb up to me. My leaves are like friends. Some change, some are different colors. Some fall to the ground and some never leave. Oh how lovely it is to be me, a tree!

If I could be anything
I’d be the rolling hearth of a campfire
I could crackle and spit
at those that sit too close
because I know I am the warm one
and my coals would pulsate
long after I bring light
and the next day
instead of being scraped, dumped and bagged
I’d be rekindled
by some caring soul in need of some warmth
I have always thought myself a charcoal grill
just doused
burned for a few minutes
covered in greasy grates
but I long for open skies and dandy fields
where there are couples laying in tall grass
and the wind flutters the flames
burning away the birds chirping against


  • Antonis

    Absolutely amazing poems..

    • Maxine Smith

      Thank you so much for reading, glad you enjoyed it. Everyone’s input was Awsome. Sorry late reply.

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