Your words deceive me
My heart won't let it be
The sweet lies you tell are easy to believe
I give you my heart but what will I receive
Tell me, who am I to be
What do you want to see
I sit and I think
I lose my self as I sink
I think of everything I gave you
And wish there was more I could do

I used to believe I could conquer the world, be anything I dreamed
How inaccurate my perception of life, impossible it seems
I am jumping in between jobs, trying to make ends meat
The dreams faded so far away, that I can no longer see
What has become of me, I used to believe
Now I feel trapped in a curse, I am unfree


  • Jhe

    my time is spent reflecting
    ~ not bitterly,
    although it might as well be,
    for no one knows
    just how i'm regretting
    each and every mistake
    that drove a wedge between
    my self and those few who
    made life bearable ~ a dream
    is what i aim for still,
    a world where every soul
    has purpose & understanding
    is every profession's goal.

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