Arianna Smith

“I'm fine”

Please don’t tell me not to cry
You don’t have a good reason why
I have pain inside
That I try to hide
I bury my emotions deep down my soul
It’s this hate that keeps me whole
No matter where I go these feelings stay inside
And all I want to do is close my eyes
I’m tired of feeling this way
I want a real laugh and smile each and every day
I hear the wind blow with a slight chime
And in my head I tell myself “I’m fine.”


  • SLR

    I agree. So many people seem to say that they're "fine" when they have so much going on in their lives and they're telling everyone they're fine, especially themselves. I've definitely had times like that.

  • Joshua Shutt

    I say " I'm fine" to many times because we don't want to hear what people have to say. This poem is really good and makes me think alot. Thank you for sharing! Have a great day

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