it isn't enough

Straight A's from the start,

But it seems like everything I do cannot please their heart.

It's as if I win a prize but get zero praise,

And that sadness lurks in my mind for days upon days.

I do everything I can to put a smile on their face,

But all I can think about is me being a disgrace.

Me, a failure of a daughter to my mother and father,

I try so hard and get nowhere, so why even bother?

I get a good achievement but she only will focus on my mistake,

It makes me wonder if their public smiles of "pride" are fake.

Because no matter how many books are read,

It wouldn't matter if I were to drop dead.

Because in the end, I am a child who despite their success,

My parents can not be pleased, they should just expect less.

If my tears were bottled from the frustration I duel,

The downcast body fluids could engulf a pool.

Fill the pool up with my angry mistakes,

Filled with the sadness and mental breaks.

Drowning in my mind with no way out,

The water dominated my lungs, couldn't scream or shout.

Why, oh why, do I feel like they don't love me?

Do they, and I am simply so love blind that I cannot see?

Maybe I'm crazy and my mind has gone wild,

Or maybe I'm just a failure of a child.


  • Maxine Smith

    We learn from our failures but we ourselves are NOT failures.
    Believe in yourself, your writing is beautiful, you should be proud ☺️

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