samreen Chowdhury


My dreams sail through the storms of everyday
My thoughts stay fixed in my head as I have nothing to say
I eat sleep, educate and before you know it’s a brand new day,
Time hurries and while I chase the minutes, the hours, the seconds, I’m losing more and more
I’m out of breathe.
I can’t breathe and I’m drowning in this sort of horrific pain, there’s nothing that I exactly need,
Because, I’m born into pain
I’m growing in pain and hurt
Living in pain and hurt
Sleeping in pain and hurt and if only..
If only you knew how many days in a year I cry myself to sleep at night, the hurt I feel from within, the darkness that invaded the only light I have left within me..
I know nothing other than pain and hurt.


  • tepo

    This was heartbreaking Samreen
    And dare I say painful
    Couldn't have stopped reading if I wanted to
    Great to see you writing again
    Been to long
    Welcome back

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