My Perfect Date?!

Maxine Smith

My perfect date, for I have not yet had the pleasure
Would be something so special, something to treasure
I love the simplicity, for US is the true meaning
Uncover our lives, possibilities we are seeing
A stroll in the thunderstorms, in the tropical rainforest
Cover us with your coat, a date so pure and honest

When it ends we will live on
and I'll love you just like my favorite song

When it comes to Dating
I think you will find
That I prefer Ladies
Who can LOVE with their Mind
And Body & Spirit
A nice "Three in One"
I would date the whole Lady
I am sure we'd get on !
I love Beautiful Ladies
That can't be denied
But True Beauty's internal
The Lady inside !
ANGELA's my Soul Mate
Two hearts beat as one
And that why we DATE
An that's why we get on !
Thanks for visiting ~ another Poem for MAX !

Ooohh I dunno. What to say? I swoon before I've started! Why don't I 'man up', 'get me coat', 'get out more', and stop using these quotes to stall for time?! heehee.

I think I've imagined this one before,
I believe you danced with me on the foliage floor
Your fresh air
I breathed
Your existence
I believed
Then I woke
And you were no more.

My perfect date would be relaxed,
would be fun
No fancy restaurants, no spending a ton
A pizza, a movie, a walk in the night air
Laughing and joking the spark in our stares
Nothing to prove but what's in your soul
That's his loves found, how you achieve that goal

a picnic by a canal
whose waters burn brighter than kiluea
a stroll down a boardwalk
while the carnival rusts to the bolts
a night at a jazz club
that the racists burned down years ago
a concert under the stars
while the mosh pit disfigures itself
a candlelight dinner at a steakhouse
where the waiter spits in your food
my perfect date
ends too tragically
I guess every date I’ve been on
has been perfection

Give me one night, give me a warm embrace and many laughs. Give me the comfort of listening go the rhythm of a beating heart and I'll choose it over anything and everything, every. single. time.

The perfect date is all but a fantasy.
The picnic on a sunny day,
The kisses under the moonlight,
The idea of love at first sight,
A fantasy, fairytale love story.
The perfect day isn’t planned or arranged.
It consists of being in the right moment at the right time.
The perfect date to me isn’t one day but the chase,
The fight for compassion and love,
The day you realize that all of your days have been perfect dates.
Whether it is a car ride listening to your favorite song,
Or a walk on the beach talking about nonsense,
You realize that perfect dates have already happened.
My perfect date would consist of any day I spend with the person I admire and love the most.
My perfect date is anywhere and anytime with you.


  • ForeverJesus7

    I like your poem. It is very true.
    Persistence is key

  • Gabriella

    I love this sorry ihavent had my phone

  • aRCane

    is spontaneous
    a masterpiece
    thats painted
    by just me n you

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